Welcome to Spring Lodge 1174

• Stated Meetings
3rd Thursday @ 7pm

• Address:
26514 Preston Ave.
Spring, TX 77373

• Mailing Address:
PO Box 262
Spring, TX 77383


• 11/30 Fellowcraft Proficiency Turn In and Master Mason Degree Conferral, to be conducted at Spring Lodge #1174. Dinner begins at 6:00 PM. Fellowcraft Proficiency Turn In begins at 7:00 PM, with Master Mason Degree Conferral to follow.

• 12/1 100th Anniversary Committee Meeting scheduled for Tuesday December 1, @ 5:00 PM. To be held at Spring Lodge #1174.

• 12/2 Spring Lodge #1174 Masonic Education Series at 6:00 PM. Conducted via Zoom. Zoom ID: 881-2025-6262. Passcode: 1174

• 12/5 Spring Lodge #1174 Christmas Party and Auction. Held at: "Mama Juanita" Located at: League Line Road, Conroe. Starts at 6:00 PM. Sign Up Now to reserve a space. $20 Per person. Talk to, text, or email Mike Perez to reserve a space.

• 12/11 Game Night. We will host a game night, at Spring Lodge #1174, from 6:00 PM to 9:00PM in the downstairs dining room. If you prefer a certain game, e.g. dominos, please provide the info to the Junior Warden at either drmichaelperez@yahoo.com or text to 630-270-8862. Note this cannot involve the betting or winning of money.

• 12/15 Spring Lodge #1174 Officer Meeting at 6:00 PM. Held at Spring Lodge #1174.

• 12/17 Spring Lodge #1174 December 2020 Stated Meeting at 7:00 PM. Held at Spring Lodge #1174.

• 12/18 Movie Night at Spring Lodge #1174. Start time is 7:00 PM. Movie shown in the dining room downstairs. The movie shown on December 18, 2020 will be a holiday themed movie, with a PG rating.